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Donation Page: Dr. Mubina Jiwa Memorial Scholarship


The Mubina Jiwa Memorial Scholarship was established in January 2016 by
her husband, Zahir Bhanji, and friends and colleagues, Dr. Rahima Hirji, ND,
and Dr. Joanna Sparrow, ND, to honour the memory of Dr. Mubina Jiwa, ND,
who passed away in October 2015. 

The scholarship, a total of $6,000 over three years, will be awarded to a

CCNM student in year 2 of the Doctor of Naturopathy degree program

who reflects the values embodied by Dr. Jiwa and demonstrates academic

excellence with a minimum GPA of 3.7. 


Dr. Jiwa graduated from CCNM in 2004. She began her professional career as a clinic
resident and continued with the College as a clinic supervisor at the RSNC and a teaching
assistant until 2013. She was friendly and outgoing, and loved the opportunity to work with
both students and colleagues. Dr. Jiwa built a successful practice in downtown Toronto and
was a frequent guest on radio and television, including regular appearances on
CTV’s Marilyn Denis Show and Chum FM. She lived her life passionately, built countless
meaningful relationships and was deeply loved by many.

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